Management service

We offer administrative services both complexly and individually, according to the client’s wishes and needs. Management service is the executive management of the object and its administration. This includes carrying the responsibilities of the property owner (as authorized), providing support and additional services, and mediating consumer services. The management service is organized by the manager, who fulfills the obligations of the owners as a result of the decisions of the general meeting of the apartment owners. A property manager is a person who organizes the following:

1. General meetings of apartment owners

1.1. Drafting and forwarding of meeting notices
1.2. Organizing and conducting general meetings
1.3. Conducting and taking minutes of meetings
1.4. Preparation of the economic plan according to the decision of the general meeting
1.5. Preparation of repair plans according to the decision of the general meeting

2. Implementation of decisions adopted at general meetings
3. Taking quotes for maintenance and/or repairs
4. Organization of one-time works necessary for managing the residence
5. Organization of repair work and owner supervision

6. Dealing with debtors

6.1. Communication with debtors
6.2. Drafting and delivery of reminder letters to debtors
6.3. Preparation and delivery of necessary documents in case of filing a lawsuit

7. Contracts

7.1. Preparation of contracts
7.2. Preparation and formalization of changes to contracts
7.3. Conclusion of contracts
7.3. Keeping a register of contracts
7.4. Management of contracts (n garbage transport contract)
7.5. Administration arising from contracts

8. Register of members of the apartment association/association

8.1. Keeping a register of members
8.2. Making inquiries about apartment owners from the Real Estate Department of the courts

9. General invoice readings

9.1. Collecting water and heating (electricity) general readings
9.2. Submission of general meter readings to service providers

10. Organization of garbage collection
11. Organization of water and sewage service
12. Organizing housing insurance
13. Organization of additional services
14. Preparation and formalization of loan documents
15. Responding to oral and written inquiries of house residents
16. Consultation service for house residents
17. Representation of apartment owners (within the limits of authority) before third parties
18. Organization of the flow of information to apartment owners on issues related to housing
19. Keeping the building passport
20. Acceptance/handover of management and administration of the apartment building
21. Reception of residents
22. Processing of complaints and violations against the rules of procedure

The scope and implementation of the mentioned administrative service points depends on the decisions of the general meeting of apartment owners and their respective content.

The price of the service is agreed upon according to the customer’s request and on the basis of the price offer presented to the customer.