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Property manager service MTÜ Töökriim

The property manager service from MTÜ Töökriim ensures professional organization of daily activities of the apartment association and technical maintenance of the building depending on the object (apartment building, commercial building).

The priority of our company is proper real estate, its correct and operative management and maintenance. Through our company, we want to offer high-quality and reliable management in apartment associations. For this purpose, we offer a complex management service to our customers.

When providing the service, the client’s wishes and their professional and competent fulfillment are important to us. We consider it important to listen to the treatment and their feedback in order to provide each client with a service that meets their needs.

In addition to the services of a manager and technical consultant, our company offers maintenance services for technical systems, 24/7 emergency services, accounting services, cleaning services, and we also perform sanitary technical works and simpler repairs for apartment associations.

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We offer all of the following services, if you have additional questions, please contact us or read additional information below:


It includes bearing the responsibilities of the property owner (according to recommendations), providing support and additional services and mediating consumer services.


The accounting service offered by us ensures reliable accounting and cost accounting for the cooperative, based on the law and in accordance with good accounting practices.


The cleaning service includes the maintenance of the common areas of the apartment building and the surroundings of the building and the property.

Technology systems

We also maintain roofs, chimneys, rainwater drainage systems, ventilation ducts, we keep phono locks and general building structures in order.
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