Cleaning services

The cleaning service includes the maintenance of the common areas of the apartment building and the surroundings of the building and the property. Upon agreement, we also do special cleaning of the apartment, property or common areas.

indoor cleaning

Dry and wet cleaning of stairwells and modified public spaces, washing of doors and walls, washing of windows inside the residence

outdoor cleaning

Maintenance of the property (parking lot, sidewalk, etc.), cleaning of flying debris, cleaning around waste containers; cleaning of branches, leaves and larger landscaping debris, lawn mowing/trimming and snow removal (manually or with a small mechanism) if desired

SPECIAL cleaning

Wet cleaning of floor carpets
Furniture cleaning
Cleaning the rib cage
Cleaning during and after construction (repair).
Emergency cleaning - and major cleaning works
Major cleaning after the fire
Cleaning of the premises after the party

The price includes the cost of cleaning supplies!

The price of the service is agreed upon according to the customer’s request and on the basis of the price offer presented to the customer.