Accounting service

The accounting service provided by us ensures accounting and cost accounting for the cooperative, based on the laws and the chapter’s accounting practices.

The accounting service includes the following services:

1. Receipt, confirmation and processing of apartment meter data
2. Calculation of income and expenses and allocation of residential operating costs
3. Preparation of payment notices/invoices
4. Arrangement of residential tax obligations (suppliers/acquirers)
5. Delivery of invoices by (electronic) mail
6. Monitoring receipts and keeping accounts of debts
7. Counseling of debtors
8. Preparation of payment schedules related to the liquidation of debts
9. Preparation of debtors report
10. Preparation of the repair fund report
11. Preparation of other reports
12. Preparation of the financial period report of the apartment building
13. Preparation of financial year reports of the apartment building and electronic submission to the Commercial Register
14. Organization of banking services and submission of direct debit claims
15. Keeping a register of apartment building readings
16. (General) electricity tariff calculation
17. Calculation of taxes and fixed assets

The price of the service is agreed upon according to the customer’s request and on the basis of the price offer presented to the customer.